A lot of people on this earth want power. Absolute power to those people means that you’ve “won.” Adults always say to kids that it’s about having fun and not winning. I agree. However, it’s in our blood to want to win; to be above others. Some people are dictators, some are bullies, etc.


I had a debate the other night with someone and we came to the conclusion, that no matter how the world will change, even if there is no money and people trade, there will always be a want or need for for mankind. It could be money or simply something else, but people will always fight to be on top.                                                                                                            What we don’t understand is that telling children that it’s about playing the game and having fun, won’t stop their urges for power. All we can do is show them how to lose. Not how to have fun our win, which we should, but to lose with dignity.


In one movie in particular, shows this lesson. In the movie Rocky, we don’t understand why he lost, even though we wanted him to win so badly. Some people say it’s because they needed to make other movies. I agree this might have had a small part, but I took a different route when wondering why. This was to show you that even though he didn’t win, he went the distance and that’s all that mattered to him. Sometimes the will to win isn’t strong enough or sometimes you can feel like a winner just by doing your best. Teaching kids this way instead win or lose, will give them a different insight on this .


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