Diets? Take another look. All our lives, boy or girl, we fee like we need to have the perfect body to fit in. And even though having a great body is a confident booster, we should feel comfortable in our own skin. If you are uncomfortable however, than do something about it, but don’t diet. Diet’s are a very difficult to keep, don’t work very often, and are very dangerous. People don’t always understand the risks of diet pills or diets themselves. Your body needs carbs to function correctly and you do need a little sugar. I’m not saying to eat un-healthfully to get the nutrients needed, but you can just substitute foods yourself instead of paying 40 or 50 dollars for a guide. Instead of cookies eat bananas. Diets take over peoples lives and knowing first hand from friends, diets or the belief that you NEED to lose weight makes people stop eating completely.


People get horrible diseases like anorexia or bulimia. These disease happen when a person doesn’t eat enough and their brain doesn’t function the right way. They think they are over-weight even when they could be a stick. It’s a dangerous area to be in and a tough position. It’s always best just to stay away from diets and if you do start a diet be wary and careful of what you aren’t putting in your body.


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