LABELING OUR BOOKS: Many wondrous tales inside take a look and see what you find.


Labels…It’s something everybody does. Before we meet someone, we automatically look at them and think, hmmm are they nice or mean. Well, she’s wearing a lot of make-up and wears those types of clothes, so she has to be mean. Looks aren’t the only labels however. We also label people by their class status, i know because I’ve heard the way people talk. we look at a person and judge them by where they’ve come from or where they’ve been. I know, because we are all victims to doing it. It’s something that’s hard to control and happens all around us.


But, some of the most amazing people I’ve met and some of my best friends were people that I thought, oh, they must be mean because look at this or that. I know some people I’ve met say that most of the time the first impression people have of them is that they thought they hated them. Some people look scary but could turn out being the nicest person you’ve met. A story that comes to mind is TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.This is one of my favorite stories,because it shows exactly what labeling does to people and has to do with misconceptions. We all think we know people without trying to dig up a reason and without proof. We never know if the person we were afraid of all along will be one of the best friends we will make, or a crabby lady having all the best stories, and the person we thought had everything, can turn out missing the one thing everyone needs: LOVE. Because we can’t help how we think, don’t let it control how you act with them, and treat them as if you haven’t already labeled them.


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