What is dress code? If you ask teachers, administration, or supervision, their answer would be something like this: Well, if you show your shoulders with a tank top, the boys will look at you different and we want boys to concentrate on work. If you were ever in high school or in it now, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve asked around, and everyone agrees. Why do we have to cover our shoulders, get detentions when our thumbs go past our shorts, or get in trouble when you can barely see a bra strap that isn’t even showing a centimeter. Not to exclude getting in trouble when you raise your hands up and you can see our stomach. Of course you can see our stomach when we put both arms up! Its when we put it down that our stomach gets covered again. These past few weeks the weather has been in the 100’s. It’s kind of annoying, but all girls are wearing shorts and shirts. But of course, they are still giving out detentions to girls who wear tank tops in 102 degrees, even if you cant see their bra. I understand that some girls wear inappropriate attire and i agree you shouldn’t be able to see girls butts or all of their stomachs, but I feel that we shouldn’t have to cover up so much that we’re uncomfortable. The only argument I have is to let girls where what they want to wear with exception that girls are actually modest. Girls, don’t go around flaunting your stuff in school. Its not the place. Who are you impressing anyways? You will get better guys that respect you without showing your butt or stomach. Supervision, please understand that it’s almost summer and it’s hot. Bend the rules a little. Showing a centimeter of skin on our stomach will not drive a guy wild. Thank you for listening to my rant.

dress_code_violator_school_tshirt-p235543845837857935zxgk9_400 (1)


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