CALLING ALL GIRLS:Blondes vs Brunettes



Well, I should start off by saying i am not a blonde, but I do have blonde-haired friends and have been called a blonde. No, I don’t look blonde, I have darker brown hair, and was called this, because I might have missed and easy question on a test or made a “stupid” remark, but the fact is, people ridicule blondes and for a reason no one knows. So why is it still going on? Obviously blondes are just as smart as girls and brunettes can be dumb as well. Why is it people say blondes get everything or are luckier, I mean we are all girls, why should hair color be different? It doesn’t change personalities. T.V portrays blondes as having all the luck, but are so stupid they fall into the luck. It then portrays brunettes as being the geeky smart ones. Now, it may seem like, “oh what does she know, it’s just a joke and nobody treats blondes any different than brunettes.” Well, I agree, but…it does happen all around us and we just don’t notice. I am not saying blondes are dumb, but I am saying how when people look at a blonde at the beach, they don’t see how they could be smart. They are portrayed to be “fun.” If you’ve ever seen legally blonde, you know exactly what I mean, but why do we still think this way. We are automatically judging, even if it’s not mean. We need to take time to acknowledge that blondes are smart and not to judge people by their looks. It could surprise you what’s underneath. 


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