Calling All Girls: White Girl Stereotypes



No, I am not an Ugg wearing, mocha frapp. loving, selfie taking girl. In fact I don’t go to Starbucks, I don’t wear Uggs very often and I rarely take selfie’s. Because i’m a girl I am instantly stereotyped for wearing yoga pants. Our generation has caused boys and everyone around us to to think that we get our nails done weekly and go to the mall at LEAST once a week. I assure you, however, if you’re a boy reading this, girls are much more than that. We like to hike, play sports, get dirty, and yes, chip a nail once in a while. I know hard to believe right? No! Of course not, most girls are like me and honestly there is probably way more to the girl you think is stupid because she does wear yoga pants, and Uggs, and likes Starbucks. Now, this may sound like a stereotype for guys, but it’s not meant to be that way. Anyways, we live in a world full of stereotypes, and even if people don’t believe them, they still accept them and make fun of them because they have the stereotypes to back them up. Girls aren’t given enough credit, and I can go on about the discrimination of blondes and brunettes too, but I will save that for next week.


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One Response to Calling All Girls: White Girl Stereotypes

  1. Margo Blue says:

    I like this and it’s funny how stereotypes can affect everyone!


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