CALLING ALL GIRLS: Strength in Numbers

So, I’m in class and the kid next to me is having a conversation with another person. They talk about the usually stuff, but he happens to mention that girls aren’t as strong as boys. First of all that is very untrue. I understand that in the role of evolution, men are the ones who are supposed to have the more muscle, it’s just the way life was meant to be, but now that we are far from being cave men and cave women, the world should start to understand that women can, in fact, be just as strong. It’s ridiculous to think that during PE testings, girls get to have an extension on their time while boys don’t or when doing push-ups, girls don’t have to do full body ones. There are plenty of girls that can do just as many push-ups as a guy, and in fact when I was at a fair, I beat all the guys in the push-up contest. Even in some countries, women are banned from speaking their minds, going outside without a man, and getting an education. How can one side of the world be so different from the other? We can do something to change that.


          Women are very underestimated, and we go through so much that it’s crazy to even think otherwise. As women we go through so much pain in our lives, men couldn’t deal with. We go through childbirth and we get reminded we won’t have to go through child-birth monthly. When it was World War II, who was it that dealt with ALL the work at home, while men were off fighting? That was women. Our country stayed in great shape without men and great shape with them, so why, even in 2014, is it still a male dominant world? As I see it, men and women are pretty close to equal, but there are still differences and tiny wrinkles that nobody seems to notice that will soon smooth out. 



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