Most people don’t understand the great things music does for you. Not only does it cause you to think and spur ideas, but opens you up and makes you give into your emotions. Schools are cutting music programs all around the country, and pushing it aside as though it’s not as important as school. In my opinion, music is one class that should be saved. Children nowadays hide away and cower into their video games and electronics. Now I’m not saying they don’t listen to music, because it’s become very clear that they do, but the music they listen to has no meaning and it gives positive encouragement to bad ideas. Teens don’t really know how much that music effects them. Teaching musical education at younger age can actually help a child’s brain when they become old.



Music is a big part of a person’s life, especially teens.  Angry, frustrated teens, turn to music for guidance, because it’s the “only thing” that understands them, but if they’ve grown up with mean, loud music, then they’re bound to listen to it when they’re angry, and will make it worse. If the grow up with calmer classical music, they’re more able to relax and listen to that music when they’re upset. Musical education is needed for new generations, and by canceling it out of our equation, will only cause us to get the answer wrong.

Here is an article on music and how it effects the brain:


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