Why shouldn’t we feel comfortable with ourselves? Why do we feel judged and unaccepted? Society makes sure that if we are anything less than perfect, we’re not pretty or skinny, etc. But who gets to say and put a title on perfect? Who makes the rules? People want model bodies that aren’t necessarily realistic. Models in magazines are transformed and altered to look a certain way due to digital editing. The others who model clothing, are anorexic or starved almost to the point where they look like a skeleton. To be honest, I would rather have curves than bones. It’s NOT attractive.


If this is the standard for perfect, why would you want to be it? I know what you’re thinking, however, “I don’t want to be those models, I want to be like a Victoria’s Secret model and have a thigh gap.” Well, first of all Victoria’s secret models aren’t perfect either, and thigh gap, really? Studies actually prove that even with no skin and just muscle, if you have narrow set hips, there is no chance for you to actually have a thigh gap, unless you eat away at your muscle by not eating. Even though it is possible to have a thigh gap with wider set hips, it will still take a while, and, again, it won’t be a big thigh gap unless you eat some muscle as well.

My overall message, is that you shouldn’t transform yourself to be something that’s, in the end, unhealthy and really look beyond what you see on tv and magazines.


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