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My dad sends me these simple truths almost everyday and I wanted to share them with you. This one is on finishing strong, and teaches you that no matter what you have to finish as hard as you can. As a swimmer, you need to give it your all when at a meet. Not just swim, however, also in any other sport or even in the game of life. In life, you need to show people what your made of, whether it’s college interviews or job interviews, or anything that has to do with competition.

Now, we’ve all heard the expression, “Practice makes perfect,” and it’s very true. In order to achieve greatness, you need to practice. Practice everyday in anything you do. This will make you better. But, you can’t forget that while practicing, you need to give it your all.

Give your all in everything you do and you will achieve the greatness you are capable from.


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Simple Truths: Your Destination for Inspiration
Finish Strong
by Dan Green
Finish Strong; It's more than a's an attitude.
Finish Strong is a fantastic book filled with inspirational stories about others who have overcome adversity to achieve their goals, realize their dreams, and finish strong in their lives. It’s impossible to read this book and not be inspired.But beyond the stories, living with a Finish Strong® attitude can help manifest greatness in your personal life no matter your background—student, parent, teacher, professional or athlete. Dedicating your life to finishing strong in all you do will take everything you pursue to the next level and beyond. It matters not who you are or what you do. What matters is the power of committing yourself to Finish Strong in all you choose to do.
It's not what happens to you, but in how you react to it that matters. -Epictetus After reading Finish Strong you will notice a kick-start in your life. You may find yourself at the end of the work day with one more thing that needs to get done…do you leave it, or do you you choose to finish strong and complete the job? You may find yourself exhausted from the day and putting your children to bed…do you skip their bedtime story or do you finish strong and complete your nightly tradition? At the end of the day, when you lie your head on your pillow at night, regardless of what happened during the day, when you choose to finish strong, you will rest easily knowing that you did everything you could to make the day its best.
There is not a single person in the world who cannot benefit from adopting the Finish Strong mindset. Why don’t you start today by picking up a copy for yourself and someone else that needs inspiration?
We are pleased to offer our bestseller Finish Strongfor a limited time price of just $11.95 (regular price is $15.95)*. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a free autograph! This offer is valid for a limited time only, so act now!*Discover the Best Things in Your Life Now Finish Strong
All the Best,
Mac Anderson
Mac Anderson
Founder of Simple Truths


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