Saying no to drugs, is something we all have to go through as people. When asked, it is a turning point in your life, and it’s especially hard when pressured by someone you know. It could be a person you barely talk to, or someone you’ve known your whole life. The only important thing, however, is to know how to say “NO!” As a teen I am constantly surrounded by people who smoke or drink, etc. We aren’t that different, but are separated by one major factor. I SAY NO. I see what some of these people go through. It will start with a little and soon they become addicted. IT’S NOT FAIR! It’s not fair for someone so young to have their life half-lived or shortened. Growing up, I was surrounded by aunts and uncles who smoked. I saw what it did to them. They became sick and, at a young age, saw deaths and lives being cut short. At four years old this is something you don’t want to see. At home, however, my parents were smoke free. In fact I was taught very young that you NEVER EVER touch a cigarette. This, in fact, probably shaped me into the person I am today and my opinions. I know now to keep my opinions to myself, because at four I would walk up to random strangers who would smoke and tell them the dangers of it, like it was my job. I understand now that it’s their choice and I respect that.

A few years ago my grandfather lost an 8 year fight with lung cancer, bladder cancer, blood cancer, and bone cancer. The dastardly killing machine that caused this: SMOKING. He smoked for a while back when he was in his twenties and thirties, maybe a bit in his forties, but quit as soon as he got sick. Along with this my grandmother quit too. The cigarettes didn’t care that he was in great shape or had a family; once it started it didn’t stop.

Seeing him become weaker and weaker was one of the saddest moments in my childhood and I won’t ever forget the mark it left me.

Now that I’m older I help my family stop, like my aunt who, up until a month ago, smoked. I guess the years of constantly telling her to stop and volunteering to buy her an E-cigarette finally paid off. I never understood how my mother’s siblings could smoke after seeing what it did to their father, and I hope they know now.


I would as well like to add that anyone smoking or doing drugs, you can control it and you are stronger than you think you are.

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I would also just like to give a shout out to my mother, who chose not to smoke ever in her life, even when she was surrounded by it her whole life in France.

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