We all have a road we travel on throughout our life. For some people this road is long and for others it can be short. On this road, you will have bumps and crashes; maybe the occasional U-turn, but when we reach our destination, that’s when you can reflect on the stops, people you’ve met along the way, the pull-overs just because you wanted to stop and smell the roses, and of course the choices. The choices of which path you would take to get to your destination; the forks in the road. You having to choose between a path that’s full of meadows and an easy travel or one where you don’t see the end, but instead a mountain you need to get over.


These choices can be hard, and most people are influenced by the fact that they won’t have to work hard by choosing the easy way out. The only problem is, that you see a destination at the end of the easy road. Now, it’s nice and decent, but you won’t be completely happy. The difficult path might lead you straight to paradise, where you’ll be happy forever, but you won’t ever know until you try it. When choosing the path you want to go on, you think back on the previous miles you’ve already passed. Whether they were hard or easy, smooth or bumpy, sunny or storm.


You remember everything you went through till this point and use those experiences as a guide to show you an easier way. By taking the easy way through life, you miss all the experiences and life lessons that push you to go farther than you ever thought you could. By taking the more rigorous paths you become stronger and more intelligent about life.



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