Everyone knows of the word commonly known as YOLO: you only live once. But how much does it actually pertain to our lives? When people walk down the streets saying yolo, everyone seems to get frustrated, I do too. It probably bugs so many of us, just because it’s used so oftenly, but for me it’s frustrating because the people saying it don’t know the real meaning behind it. Everyone knows you only live once, but do they really think about it? Do they know what it means? The meaning behind this word is to take chances, to live life to the fullest, to test the limits people have put out for you; to create something inside you, you never thought you could. Image        Taking chances is always hard and not everyone can do it. I know I have put off many solo auditions, because I was afraid of taking a chance. What I didn’t think of was where we would be if scientists didn’t take a chance on an experiment they didn’t know would work. Perhaps we wouldn’t have phones. Or suppose Benjamin Franklin didn’t go outside in a storm, because he might get hit by lightning. Then electricity would be found out much later. Don’t be afraid of what MIGHT happen, do it because it COULD happen. Image         If you knew that you would live for only one more month, what would you do? You would probably try everything in your power to accomplish everything you never thought you could. So what’s the difference with that and your life? The fact that you have WAY longer than a month to do everything. If you would do it then, then why not now? Why not soon? You have ONE life, just like you have ONE month. Accomplish everything you can, because soon enough you will be too old and will run out of time. Never be contempt, Always do more. Image         Imagine somebody tells you that you can’t do something, doesn’t that give you all the more reason to go out and do it? People make walls to make sure people can’t get through. You need to tear down that wall, and when you do, achieve everything you can. Some people feel that they can’t reach a certain goal, and so they try to make it impossible for someone else to achieve it. A selfish thing to do. Many famous or important people once got told they couldn’t make it, but they did and who’s laughing now? The ordinary person, not famous not special, just sitting watching the same person they told couldn’t, DID. Ignore the others, listen to yourself.


By doing all of these things, you create a spark in you AND in others. You create a new you and you will see something in yourself you never thought you’d see. You create YOLO.


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