Self defense isn’t just about being able to kick someone in the gut or to knock them out. Well, it’s a little bit of that, but mostly it’s about being able to say “NO.” at the most important times. Being able to walk away from a dangerous person, when they tell you to get in the car. You need to realize that in life threatening situations, the ONLY answer is know and you need to be able to react with that word as if it’s a punch.


Knowing from first experience, karate classes don’t teach you to kill, knock out, or to start fights just because you know you will win. They teach you that it should ONLY be used when in danger and that once you defeat the person you run, not keep fighting until they’re dead. Just like in THE KARATE KID, Mr. Miyagi, teaches Daniel that karate isn’t about just force, but brains. To overpower your opponent in ways that even the slightest hit will be worth a hundred punches. When teaching Daniel, Daniel becomes impatient, thinking he hasn’t learned anything, but to his surprise, he did. Things take time and don’t expect to knock out your opponent in the first time fighting, you need practice. Self defense is something every person should know. You will need this throughout your life for purposes like a mugging, etc. But I feel, that having the knowledge to say no and to defend my body no matter what is like a force field. I feel safe knowing that i’m prepared for anything. Just. In. Case.



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