Things aren’t always what they seem. A million things go on all around us, and we never take a second look. We don’t really know if the girl in the Starbucks line who took forever was doing it on purpose. Maybe she’s having a bad day, or maybe she’s in a rush and forgot something at home. Now, it’s human nature to judge before knowing the whole truth, and we do it without even thinking. Maybe while passing some guy with tattoo’s in the street we automatically get nervous grab our purse and walk a little bit farther away from them, when really they could be the nicest people you will ever meet. Image This is all around us. We Judge, It’s part of life, but it can come in different forms, including the fact that things aren’t always what they seem in literature as well. This form could be sarcasm. For instance, when the narrator says something, but doesn’t really mean it. A book that includes a lot of this, is A Tale Of Two Cities. Charles Dickens writes in sarcasm so as you read you need to be careful to make sure you understand his writing. As you can see, you never whats going on inside a person’s head, whether it’s a narrator/author, or a random person passing by that will forever be branded in our minds as something that they could or couldn’t be. Not everything we think is correct and making a prejudice statement isn’t the way to go. So, look a little deeper and find out the truth.




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