The Soccer Around Us.


Have you ever played soccer? If you haven’t it’s an amazing sport. Although I am a swimmer, I used to play soccer and am in love with the sport. During soccer you learn many skills you will need to learn in life. Like, defending the people you love, or your teammates, looking out for people, achieving you GOAL!!, quick thinking strategies, and  how to be a good sport. In soccer you need to choose to stand your ground, or to move in a different direction. In the book A TALE OF TWO CITIES, the first paragraph states how different two words can be and how opposite they are, like good and evil, bad and good, dark, and light, etc. Just like in soccer, you have two completely different teams. They will act differently, play differently, and seem to be the opposite of your team. Your job, however,is to defend your goal, help your teammates, think on your feet, and still be okay with losing. Playing the game is the best part and having fun with your friends is what it’s all about. Click on the link to watch a video:


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