The Guru of Go


The Guru of Go. A legendary story told from the perspective of Paul Westhead. The amazing story of his career and how he over come his weaknesses and his difficulties. This just goes to show what different things we can all over come, and when in times of trouble, we are responsible for our own feelings, and our ourselves and how we handle it. When things looked down, Westhead kept up and soon, Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble came to his rescue.

guru 1

They dominated many, many games. But, a quote I always have in my head is “This too shall pass.” This jut is something to remind you, that all things, good or bad will pass. So, just like the quote, their reign ended with Gather’s death. It’s as well truly inspiring , though, that one’s man death inspired so many people to become better and persevere.  I encourage everyone to watch this amazing, inspiring movie.


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2 Responses to The Guru of Go

  1. danieln2 says:

    That YouTube video is phenomenal and this post is life-changing! Thanks for sharing!

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