Have you ever been so mad you cam almost feel the steam coming out of your ears? Its so hard to control your anger as a teenager,but somehow we ca control it around our friends and not our family? Doesn’t it make more sense to get mad at the people you don’t love the most? Throughout my life I have found that if i become angry at a friend, I will brush it off and bury it deep inside myself and it will escape from me the minute I set foot in the car. Most of the time my parents didn’t do anything to actually feel angry, but I will still become furious for no reason. What I have found is that it’s not just easier to get mad and angry with the people you love the most, but your not as scared to get mad at them, because they have to love you. Your friends don’t, they could stop being friends with you at anytime, and never look back. I know people have the count to ten measure and it does help with people being annoying or frustration, but with anger, NO WAY! If you’ve ever been super angry, then you know counting to ten never works. It will calm the frustration, but the anger’s still there, even if you want it gone. Your pride takes over and your stuck in a state where a flustering fire takes over your body in rage, but I have the solution. When you feel this way: 1. Stop  2. Breathe 3. Take a step back. You will realize how silly the rage is. 4. What I do is I think of everything good in my life. A family, whom I’m fighting and yet some people don’t have one, my dog, or just even a dream I liked. 5. Keep thinking of those things till you’ve calmed down. 6. Now. because you’ve gotten the rage out, but the problem isn’t resolved, give the person you’re fighting with a hug. Whomever it is just hug and be quiet. Rage and anger takes a lot of energy and your heart can’t take a lot of stress. Hugging on the other hand is a great way to relieve stress, pain, and releases endorphins, which make you happy.  This easy fix of thinking and hugging will reduce your rage and will help solve problems easier. Thinking of this topic wasn’t very hard, because this is what I go through, but in my class today, we had to write three letters to someone/something in one topic we chose. One topic, was if your friend stole something, and your mad. Well, it got me thinking about anger and friends and anger with family and how we deal with both. One we supress till later and one we aren’t afraid to release our inner fire. How can two situations of such importance, be so different? Well, I will leave that up to you.



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