Do you have a hard time trusting people? I know I do. I will stay up night’s, trying to figure out whether to tell someone a secret about myself. I have bad experiences with trusting people, I will tell someone a secret and they all end up telling.  Maybe this has happened to you. The problem is, that once I tell one secret to someone who I think I trust, I end up being an open book, with someone who won’t stop reading. Maybe this has happened to you maybe not, but I know that when you do trust someone who trusts you as well, you need to obey what they say when they say they can’t do something. In a book we are reading in class, Oedipus dies, and is buried in a secret place. His daughter, still mourning, wants to see him, but has to trust the person who buried him, to not go and find her father anyways. You also see, that Oedipus puts all his trust and faith into the man who buried him, because this man could NOT tell a soul of where he is buried. Not only can you gain trust, though, you can lose it as well. When your parents or friends trust you and you do something that loses their trust, it is very hard and disappointing to try and regain their trust. Sometimes it can take days, weeks, or months. I will tell you something though, that when you regain or have the trust of someone you NEVER want to let that go.


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