That one person.


Do any of you have that one person in your life that you can count on? That one person that means the world to you, and when you’re with them you feel safe like nothing could ruin that moment? It could even be someone who you don’t think is this person, but when you really think about it and at the end of the day you realize that that’s the person you want in your life. For me this is my dad. Don’t get me wrong I love my mom so much, but both my parents are different. She’s my go to for anything else, but my dad, he’s different.I can go to him for any problem, homework, friend problems, worries, and even life. He calms me down when i’m worried and picks me up when i’m sad. I never really thought about it before, but he’s also one of my best friends. Do you have someone like this in you’re life? Oedipus did. His daughter. She helped him everywhere they went. When he was all alone, she was there. At the end of the day, his daughter is the one person he could count on whether it was to see, or just to have a person with him so he wouldn’t be alone. A friend can also be someone you just meet. Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone you don’t know very well. You can trust them easier too, because if they leave you, you won’t be as sad or hurt. Whether you just need cheering up or someone to talk to about your day, or just a hug, go to that one person: dad, friend, or stranger.


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