Crumpled stolen trampled on
Taken broken keep moving on
One step at first and then try again to move on from inside your head
Betrayed and lost no one can find
Your picture perfect lullaby
Sunk in the masses of your life
Lose yourself and now a life
Thinking is the one regret
You think your up but your just their pet
A voice no sound
You try and try
But just keep your little lies
That one day when you reach inside
You’ll find your perfect lullaby

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I think people are like snow. A little can help build something,

but it won’t last. You need a lot to make a difference.



In order to help change the world, it starts with someone, but it needs to end with everyone

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A lot of people on this earth want power. Absolute power to those people means that you’ve “won.” Adults always say to kids that it’s about having fun and not winning. I agree. However, it’s in our blood to want to win; to be above others. Some people are dictators, some are bullies, etc.


I had a debate the other night with someone and we came to the conclusion, that no matter how the world will change, even if there is no money and people trade, there will always be a want or need for for mankind. It could be money or simply something else, but people will always fight to be on top.                                                                                                            What we don’t understand is that telling children that it’s about playing the game and having fun, won’t stop their urges for power. All we can do is show them how to lose. Not how to have fun our win, which we should, but to lose with dignity.


In one movie in particular, shows this lesson. In the movie Rocky, we don’t understand why he lost, even though we wanted him to win so badly. Some people say it’s because they needed to make other movies. I agree this might have had a small part, but I took a different route when wondering why. This was to show you that even though he didn’t win, he went the distance and that’s all that mattered to him. Sometimes the will to win isn’t strong enough or sometimes you can feel like a winner just by doing your best. Teaching kids this way instead win or lose, will give them a different insight on this .


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Diets? Take another look. All our lives, boy or girl, we fee like we need to have the perfect body to fit in. And even though having a great body is a confident booster, we should feel comfortable in our own skin. If you are uncomfortable however, than do something about it, but don’t diet. Diet’s are a very difficult to keep, don’t work very often, and are very dangerous. People don’t always understand the risks of diet pills or diets themselves. Your body needs carbs to function correctly and you do need a little sugar. I’m not saying to eat un-healthfully to get the nutrients needed, but you can just substitute foods yourself instead of paying 40 or 50 dollars for a guide. Instead of cookies eat bananas. Diets take over peoples lives and knowing first hand from friends, diets or the belief that you NEED to lose weight makes people stop eating completely.


People get horrible diseases like anorexia or bulimia. These disease happen when a person doesn’t eat enough and their brain doesn’t function the right way. They think they are over-weight even when they could be a stick. It’s a dangerous area to be in and a tough position. It’s always best just to stay away from diets and if you do start a diet be wary and careful of what you aren’t putting in your body.


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LABELING OUR BOOKS: Many wondrous tales inside take a look and see what you find.


Labels…It’s something everybody does. Before we meet someone, we automatically look at them and think, hmmm are they nice or mean. Well, she’s wearing a lot of make-up and wears those types of clothes, so she has to be mean. Looks aren’t the only labels however. We also label people by their class status, i know because I’ve heard the way people talk. we look at a person and judge them by where they’ve come from or where they’ve been. I know, because we are all victims to doing it. It’s something that’s hard to control and happens all around us.


But, some of the most amazing people I’ve met and some of my best friends were people that I thought, oh, they must be mean because look at this or that. I know some people I’ve met say that most of the time the first impression people have of them is that they thought they hated them. Some people look scary but could turn out being the nicest person you’ve met. A story that comes to mind is TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.This is one of my favorite stories,because it shows exactly what labeling does to people and has to do with misconceptions. We all think we know people without trying to dig up a reason and without proof. We never know if the person we were afraid of all along will be one of the best friends we will make, or a crabby lady having all the best stories, and the person we thought had everything, can turn out missing the one thing everyone needs: LOVE. Because we can’t help how we think, don’t let it control how you act with them, and treat them as if you haven’t already labeled them.


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What is dress code? If you ask teachers, administration, or supervision, their answer would be something like this: Well, if you show your shoulders with a tank top, the boys will look at you different and we want boys to concentrate on work. If you were ever in high school or in it now, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve asked around, and everyone agrees. Why do we have to cover our shoulders, get detentions when our thumbs go past our shorts, or get in trouble when you can barely see a bra strap that isn’t even showing a centimeter. Not to exclude getting in trouble when you raise your hands up and you can see our stomach. Of course you can see our stomach when we put both arms up! Its when we put it down that our stomach gets covered again. These past few weeks the weather has been in the 100’s. It’s kind of annoying, but all girls are wearing shorts and shirts. But of course, they are still giving out detentions to girls who wear tank tops in 102 degrees, even if you cant see their bra. I understand that some girls wear inappropriate attire and i agree you shouldn’t be able to see girls butts or all of their stomachs, but I feel that we shouldn’t have to cover up so much that we’re uncomfortable. The only argument I have is to let girls where what they want to wear with exception that girls are actually modest. Girls, don’t go around flaunting your stuff in school. Its not the place. Who are you impressing anyways? You will get better guys that respect you without showing your butt or stomach. Supervision, please understand that it’s almost summer and it’s hot. Bend the rules a little. Showing a centimeter of skin on our stomach will not drive a guy wild. Thank you for listening to my rant.

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i hope this video inspires you to go out and do something meaningful with your life. Not something that makes others happy, but something that makes YOU happy.

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